“The rainbow is so pretty.  It’s a little TOO pretty!”

On a recent sunny day, Stephanie noticed that the sun reflecting off of her sequined shirt created rainbows all over the Studio!  Friends were infatuated by these rainbows and asked if we could fill the Studio with rainbows that could be seen on non-sunny days.  We took photos and videos of the rainbows that Stephanie was casting throughout the Studio, so that I could share them with children from different art groups to help get them on board with this BIG project! (I wasn’t able to load the video’s here, unfortunately!)

IMG_3048 IMG_3050.JPG

Children began searching for rainbow materials and stringing them on to wire.  Once we had enough strands for our rainbow, we had Mr.Jeff help us install them so they could hang over our tables!







The following week, children began making charms to hang from the rainbow.  Friends strung and painted wooden beads, wove in fabric and threaded pom-poms.  Once finished, children picked the perfect spot on the rainbow for their charms to go!






Kaleb: I’m making more rainbows to make the room feel special.

Marcus: These beads look like donuts.

Declan: How did this happen from the ceiling?

Santi: This rainbow is giant!  It’s on the roof!





Isaac: It looks like streamers.  I see my favorite color, blue!

Theo: The rainbow is so pretty.  It’s a little TOO pretty!

Kaylee: It’s so glittery now!

Alden: I see my blue one.  I made my whole rainbow blue.

Julian: The rainbow looks like a bridge going over our heads.

Hailey: It looks good, really good.

Julien: The charms look like little marshmallows.  And that’s a diamond shape.  And that wooden bead looks like a slinky!






Uhura: Those are decorations!  The Studio is decorated!

Asa: It looks like we could have a party in here!

Briana: Are these hanging up for Santi’s birthday?

Daniela: What!  Those are rainbows… in the ceiling!

Nora: It looks so different in here now that things are hanging up there.






Anival:  Cool.  Nice.  Things are hanging from the sky.

Amie: I really like those, but I don’t have them at my home.  I’m gonna do this for my dad and when my dad comes to the Studio, I can show him what I made.

Jax: Ta-da!  A rainbow!

Vanessa: That bead looks like candy.  Rainbow candy.

Cesar: Stephanie just wanted rainbows and now they’re hanging from the wall!



Have a great winter break, everyone!

“You can bend wire so it looks like a house!”

Monday art groups are continuing their sculpture work and worked with a new material today… wire!  Children have had experiences with pipe cleaners and have enjoyed bending and twisting them to make different lines and shapes.  We compared wire with pipe cleaners today and incorporated both into our three-dimensional sculpture work this morning.

Claire: You could make letters or bend it like an octagon!

Adrian: You could bend wire so it looks like a house.

Phoenix: If you bend wire it makes the buttons not be able to move.  They get trapped.




Jose: Pipe cleaners twist like wire but they are hairy.

Mae: I made a slide for my bear.  It’s a school for bears and it has a playground!

“Is it a bag of snakes?”

By this point in the year, all children in Pre-K have had an experience working with clay!  It is one of my favorite materials to work with and I always love introducing it to children.  We began by examining clay in a plastic bag… friends feel it, poke it and attempt to lift it, among other things.  There’s always a sense of mystery around it, and we brainstorm what we think is in the bag.

Moses: I think it’s mud.  It’s smooth.  I like how it feels.

Roman: It feels really, really, really, REALLY good!

Justin: Is it a big rock?  Can you tell us already?  I can’t wait!

Phoenix: A brick?

Alexia: I think it’s gak.

Michael: Is it a bag of snakes?

Marley: It stinks!

Once friends learned that it was clay (and not a bag of snakes, phew) they began to work on their clay sculptures!  We had some different tools available… rollers for making it flat, clay scissors for cutting, utensils for mark making, etc.

Sylvie: I’m just making bird soup.  They can eat it outside.  I might even eat it for my dinner because birds said it was yummy.

Cole: I need something to add to my house.  It needs a roof so that my little fella doesn’t get lost.  These are the shades… if little fella is in the sun it keeps him cool and shady.  He has a secret hideaway spot but he’s bigger then that.  He zaps and this little hanging thing gets her into his home.  He hides from the bad guy.  The little fella roof is there just for the little fella to get out of in an emergency.  It’s hard to build a house.

Paris: A bear cave and a bear.  He sleeps in there in the winter.

Wallace: Clay can do so many cool things.

Elias: Did you know that clay is made from a cow?  Oh, that’s not clay… that’s actually milk.

Maceo: A choo choo train through the tunnel.  This is the track… a big track for trains.

Minna: I’m making Ms.Cushner a birthday cake!  This is her party and she just turned 5.  Blow out the candles!

Owen: My battleship is stronger because it has pipe cleaners in it.

Darian: Two hedgehogs.  Two hedgehogs that are friends.

Once sculptures were finished, we had to figure out a technique for getting them off the table if they were stuck!  Fishing wire is perfect for this because it’s thin, yet strong enough to slide under clay without breaking.  Children enjoyed working with the fishing wire… some friends made holes and tunnels, while others used it solely to remove their piece from the table.


Jude: Is it floss that you put under to get it off the table?

Wallace: This is what you use to catch a fish?  That’s so cool.

Jasper: I’m putting the fishing wire through the clay to make tunnels for worms.

AJ: I got it off the table!  AJ saves the day!