Minna brings her classroom plan into the Studio!


This week in the Studio, we have been sorting and exploring Beautiful Junk!  In Pre-K classrooms, children have been working on creating a “plan” for what they will work on during centers.  Plans range from cooking in Dramatic Play to building a house jet out of Beautiful Junk.  When I went in to pick up one of my art groups today, I learned a little about Minna’s plan that she’s been working on for a good portion of the week.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring classroom work into the Studio to elaborate on!

Minna: Look at those, those are treasure.

Ms.Cushner: Are they all treasure?

Minna: Not those ones.  And not these ones.  That one’s not a treasure, but that’s a treasure.  Treasure, treasure, treasure, treasure, treasure and treasure.  I meant that one’s not a treasure.  Wait, this one isn’t working… will you try?

Ms.Cushner: Hmmm… what should we try?  Tape?  Glue?

Minna: Here, I’ll give you some magic.  I cut the ribbon, see?

Ms.Cushner: Wow!  Can you tell me what you’re working on?

Minna: It’s a jet with animals.  The animals live in this jet.  See that orange box?  I put some animal soap in that orange box.

Ms.Cushner: And this whole part over here is the jet, too?

Minna: Uh huh… this is a house jet so there’s a house inside of the jet and together it’s all a house jet.