“Sleep tight, little seeds!”

Last week in the Studio, all PK friends learned how to make seed balls!  Friends had so much fun getting messy while rolling air dry clay in soil and wildflower seeds.  Once they dry, you can dig a little hole in the ground, plant and water them, and wildflowers will grow!




Drew: The clay is turning into a seed ball.  It’s transforming like a Power Ranger.

Luca: I didn’t even know planting a rainbow was real.  I didn’t know we could do it with clay.

Julian: Clay is hard to get cutted and flatted.

Alden: You could use your hands as a tool.

Ali: Has this clay been in the refrigerator?  It’s so frozen.



Alina: Can these seeds grow banana flowers?

Hope: I hope it grows purple flowers.  And pink.  I think it will be a rainbow!

Hera: I see dots.  They are the little seeds.  My seeds are gonna be comfortable, yes they are.  Comfortable, so comfortable to grow a rainbow outside.

Kourtney: Mine is gonna grow 24 pounds of flowers.

Africa Grace: The seeds move around on the table when people are hammering.  They jump.

Elizabeth: I hope we grow daffodils and carrots.



Anders: I’m going to make tiny spots with my fingers to put the tiny seeds in.  And then I’ll bury them.

Gerson: Make sure they are cozy, cozy.

Adele: How is it going to grow into a rainbow?  The seeds are all brown!

Christian: Roll the seeds in the clay and fold it like a taco.

Vanessa: The seeds look so cute.  Like babies.

Joelle: I hope it grows daffodils and tiger lillies.



Kyrie: Don’t forget to water the seed balls.  Then the vegetables can grow!

Anival: I don’t like gardening.  My mom said I liked gardening.  I said “it’s disgusting.”  She said “it’s not disgusting, it’s beautiful.”  I like gardening.

Santi: I’m gonna grow a big plant because it’s a big seed ball.

Avery: Is this thing going to grow into a hyacinth?  Or a tomato plant?



Mina: Sleep tight, little seeds!

Kate: We take care of you, little seeds.

Julian: Seed balls look like fire rocks.  It’s called charcoal.

Amie: We don’t want the seeds to be cold.  We need to cover them in the dirt so they stay warm.  I want to plant the biggest rainbow in the whole world.

Cesar: I love dirt.  And I like worms because they live in dirt and makes the plants grow and be happy.



We will be planting the seed balls at our Garden Market on 5/17 between 9-10 am.  Stop . by to help us plant, or take some home for your own garden!

“It’s a home for seeds. Cover them up with soil and they grow flowers!”

Last week in the Studio, all children in Pre-K learned how to make seed balls!  Friends had so much getting messy while fun rolling air dry clay in soil and wildflower seeds.  Once they dry, you can dig a little hole in the ground, plant and water them, and wildflowers will grow!  Seed balls will be available to purchase at our Pre-K Market this Friday, May 20th,  from 2-3:30!


Alli: It’s a home for seeds.  Cover them up with soil and they grow flowers!

Christian: Seed balls look like Oreo cookie crunch, but don’t eat them because they are dirt balls.

Siena: Making seed balls is fun.  I like getting messy!


Autumn: You can cover all the seeds up with clay.

Isabella: The seeds go in the clay and then you plant them in the ground and then flowers will grow!

Belen: A baby seed ball.  So cute!


Elmys: Seed balls. So hard.  Like rocks.

Jariel: Don’t throw seed balls.  They are too hard.

Waju: Wow, flowers will grow from them?  But they feel like rocks!


Pre-K planting in our garden!

This week, friends planted their plantable paper and seed balls in big planters on the playground.  Everyone was very excited after our Herbal Market to plant the products that they worked so hard on making and we can’t wait to check on them when we return in the Fall!

First, we filled the planters with stones and soil.



In one planter, we layered plantable paper made with herb seeds on top of the soil.Image


In the second planter, we tossed in wildflower seed balls.  Then we buried them in the soil.Image



We covered up the seed balls and plantable paper and then stuck our signs in the soil to show what was growing!Image




We had to give them lots of water because it’s been so hot out all week!Image



And once all the herb products were planted… a dragonfly perched itself on the rim of the planter to check out the new addition to the garden!  Jasmine said that it was called a Honey Dragonfly, and then a few friends gave it the name of “Honey!”



“We want to make you something special because we love you!”

Wow… what a week it’s been!  As we’ve been wrapping up our school year, I was able to join every classroom for a Morning Meeting to present gifts!  Friends were very excited to share with their friends what they made for them, as well as see what other friends worked on.  Here are some photos from the sharing experiences.







Tomorrow, rising Kindegarteners will take home their flower pots.  Be sure to look for them in the cubbies!  And hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow, our new curtain will be hanging in it’s new home on the window.

Seed balls: They’re getting all snuggled up for their nap!

We are getting very excited for our Market that’s now only a week away!  On Monday and Tuesday of this week, friends made seed balls (aka seed bombs used in guerrilla gardening.)  Seed balls are a mixture of air drying clay, soil and herb/wildflower seeds. Children kneaded clay to soften it, then mixed in soil before adding in seeds.  When the seed balls were ready, friends rolled them in more soil and set them aside to dry.  Once they are dry, the seed balls can be thrown at a wall/ground and the seeds will be dispersed in the area!  Children are excited to sell seed balls at the Market, as well as save some for us to throw around our school during art groups at the end of the school year.




Sasha:  So you throw it at the ground and then flowers will grow there?

Michael:  Look at the soil.  I’m squishing it and it’s getting stuck to the clay.  I hid my seeds deep in the clay.  You’ll only see them when you throw them.  When you throw it, it will make things beautiful!

Phoenix:  This ones like a rock.  It’s hard like clay.  I put soil on like a cherry on top.  The little ones go to the market and the big ones we can throw.  When I throw this one, it’s going to be a big plant because it’s a big ball.  Bigger balls have more seeds.  Little balls have little seeds.

Edwin:  So you throw it at the wall and it breaks and them flowers grow?  Let’s throw by where we play soccer because there are no flowers there.



Noah:  The plants are going to be happy when the seeds are warm in the seed balls.

Leah:  Goodnight little seeds!  Don’t be scared in the seed ball.  The seeds is sleeping so we have to bang so quietly.  Don’t wake them.  We are taking care of the seeds.  They will never die.

Cole:  The seed balls gonna travel and then it lands and the little fella seeds will grow.  What will happen to the little seedies?  Goodnight little seeds.  See you when you grow.  I’ll cover them with soil.  This is my seeds little home.



Alberto:  They’re getting all snuggled up for their nap!   Some seeds are small and some are hairy.  They look like little eggs.

Sylvie:  The seeds are getting comfy.  Goodnight seeds.  Enjoy your seed ball.    

Today after Service, a couple friends from each class joined me in the Studio to make labels for our herbal products.  Some children practiced their new fancy writing skills and then used liquid watercolors to paint on top of their words.  The turned out beautiful and we can’t wait to share these products with families next week!






“Making seeds in the paper keeps them warm in the paper.”

In preparation for our Market (May 7 from 11:30-1:30), Monday and Tuesday art groups have been making plantable paper!  There was a lot of excitement after making handmade paper a few weeks ago, and plantable paper seemed like a great way to connect the process with the Expedition.  Plantable paper began the same way as handmade paper, but once the pulp was mixed, friends stirred in different types of herb seeds.  Once the paper dries, families can dig a hole, plant the paper, and herbs will grow in it’s place!



Logan: We’re going to show everyone how to make it.

Justin: Then we spray it.  Spray every little piece!

Ty: Whoa, I see the water falling.

Michael: I ripped my paper with my big brain!  We’re gonna spray it too?  Are you kidding me?  The blender is getting full… wow it’s getting fabulous.


Georgi: It looks like a McFlurry.

Phoenix: It looks like lint with water in it.

Moses: The pulp looks like fluffy sand.

Maceo: It looks like seaweed.

Once the paper and water were mixed together, we poured the paper pulp into bowls and began examining the seeds.  Some seeds, like the mint and lavender, were tiny, while other seeds, like basil, were much larger.  Next, friends mixed the seeds into the paper pulp.




Georgi: It sounds like seeds.  They shake and are small and it makes noise.

Phoenix: They look like little pieces of dirt.

Edwin: Aw, you cute little seed!

Noah: Making seeds in the paper keeps them warm in the paper.

Alberto: It sounds like little particles of something.

Sylvie: They look like coffee seeds.

Cole: They are seeds.  They are mint seeds.  I think I can read and the first letter was “S” so I knew they were seeds.  We can plant it in the ground and it will grow into mint.  Goodnight little seeds… you’ll be safe in here!  I love you, mint seeds!  The seeds are the cutest thing in the world.  They are even cuter then Fifi.  Even cuter then when she smiles.  Have you seen her smile?  It’s very cute.

Once the seeds were mixed into the pulp, we put a screen on top of a bowl and began squishing the water out!



Justin: It feels warm, cold, and hot.

Daniel: Everyone, look! I made a paper!

Phoenix: It’s all dripping into the bowl.

Sylvie: The bowls getting fuller!



Miles: I see seeds in my paper!  It’s like it’s caught in a net.



Cole: How will people know we can plant them?  We can make a sign or just tell them so they know the paper can get planted.

Alberto: It dried up so it doesn’t squirt any of the water out.

Michael: Wow, that’s amazing… how did paper grow into lavender?  Because of the seeds?  I’m doing this 100 times at my house!

Miles: You put the seed paper in the ground and you water it and the plants grow.