Beautiful Junk!


Beautiful Junk!

Thank you for the Beautiful Junk that you have shared with us! Friends have already begun working with these found materials in the Pre-K Art Studio and in their classrooms. Over the last week, art groups focused on familiarizing themselves with the materials that are now available to them and sorted the materials into different categories. Materials will now be easier to find and when families have more Beautiful Junk to share, they will know exactly where to put the materials! Thanks again for sharing all of your Beautiful Junk with us!

Minna brings her classroom plan into the Studio!


This week in the Studio, we have been sorting and exploring Beautiful Junk!  In Pre-K classrooms, children have been working on creating a “plan” for what they will work on during centers.  Plans range from cooking in Dramatic Play to building a house jet out of Beautiful Junk.  When I went in to pick up one of my art groups today, I learned a little about Minna’s plan that she’s been working on for a good portion of the week.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring classroom work into the Studio to elaborate on!

Minna: Look at those, those are treasure.

Ms.Cushner: Are they all treasure?

Minna: Not those ones.  And not these ones.  That one’s not a treasure, but that’s a treasure.  Treasure, treasure, treasure, treasure, treasure and treasure.  I meant that one’s not a treasure.  Wait, this one isn’t working… will you try?

Ms.Cushner: Hmmm… what should we try?  Tape?  Glue?

Minna: Here, I’ll give you some magic.  I cut the ribbon, see?

Ms.Cushner: Wow!  Can you tell me what you’re working on?

Minna: It’s a jet with animals.  The animals live in this jet.  See that orange box?  I put some animal soap in that orange box.

Ms.Cushner: And this whole part over here is the jet, too?

Minna: Uh huh… this is a house jet so there’s a house inside of the jet and together it’s all a house jet.