“I’ll go sad when they go to Kindergarten and I’m gonna cry so loud!”

How is it already June?  This year really flew by!  One of my favorite parts of the year is when I split PK3’s and PK4’s so they can create gifts for their classmates who are either going to Kindergarten or staying in PK for another year.

This year, the PK3’s created their own colors of paint to send to Kindergarten.  The idea is that when children open their easel the first week of school, they will have special colors waiting for them and reminding them of their friends in PK.  We read My Many Colored Days by Dr.Seuss and brainstormed what types of colors friends might want to incorporate into future paintings.

Trebor: Let’s make them pink.  They like it and they be happy.

Eli: Let’s mix the paint and make it like chocolate milk.

Jax: Special red orange.  Really special.  Best day ever.

Cameron: Elijah likes green, let’s make him that.  And Sophie likes purple!

We narrowed it down to two colors per group to create and got to work on our color experiments!  Friends took turns adding colors to jars and mixing until they were happy with the color.  Finally, they assigned each color a name.


Autumn: I’m just gonna cry about them.

Jax: I’ll go sad when they go to Kindergarten and I’m gonna cry so loud!

Dafnee: I won’t tell them what we  made for the surprise.  I’ll just say we make a flower!



Fatima: We can call it lettuce… we grew that.

Amen: It’s turning to dark blue.  It’s turned to dark pink.

Dafnee: It’s getting lighter.  It’s mixing colors.




Dafnee: This pink is pink lemonade.  It takes like sweet lemonade and it’s my favorite color.

Belen: C’mon purple, you can do it.

Waju: The stick is gonna turn purple.  Let’s write the names, like broccoli, on the stick so they know!

Kai: I put just the right amount of white.



Below are some shots of the finished jars of paints and the sticks that show what children chose to name each color.  Along with the paint , we will include a sweet letter that friends wrote.




Dear Friends,

We will miss you when you go to Kindergarten.  Be nice.  You are our best friends but you have to go and make something new.  We’ll miss your singing, I like playing with you and thanks for playing with me.  Don’t worry, when you go to Kindergarten, you will see all our friends.  We could visit you and we could play out back.  Will there be babies in our class?  We’re gonna be in charge of the little teeny tiny kids.  We will be kind to the new friends, and we can help take kids to another classroom so they can find their teachers.  I’ll be a leader, leading them, like you showed  us.  I’ll share with them and show them how to freeze.

We hope you like the paint.  Can you paint one thing for us so we can see the colors we made?  We can’t wait to see what you paint.  

Love, your PK3 friends


“I love when I was in Pre-K with you… but I gotta move on now!”

This was the last week of art groups for the school year and friends worked on making gifts for their classmates.  Last week, I asked the Pre-K 3′s and the Pre-K 4′s separately what type of “gift” they would like to make for their classmates.  We jotted down all of their ideas and then picked what we thought they would enjoy the most!

Some of the ideas presented were…

Daniel: A colored circle that goes on your window.  It’ll make colors in your room.

Haley: I think we should make like a pretty artwork like we can like put like the people and make cards for them, colored cards, and we take it and write something friendly and give it to them.

Roman: A roller coaster and I’m gonna make that.  A real one.  It’s gonna go all over the place in the school, even loop!  We could even put it in the hallway, through the classroom and on the courtyard.

Michael: Maybe I could make them a picture of me.  Maybe I can write my name so they know it was mine.

Darian: Like a card?  It can say “I want you back to our classroom.” And like maybe we can make them… butterflies?

Matteo: They would like rocks in the garden that they could put in the ground.

Asiah: Eyeballs… we can make them eyeballs.

Jasper: Maybe we could make something that we could all work on like the thing they made last year?  Something for the window so it’s not two things separate but two things we could put together.  It has to go on the window.

Kailyn: We could make our friends a plant.  Or seed balls.  Or make them paper.  We could plant them flowers then when we give it to them they will say “hahaha” because Kailyn gave us a plant!

As you can see, there were so many great choices to pick from!  The rising Pre-K 4′s decided to make flower pots out of handmade paper, since at this point in the year they have had a lot of practice with the process.  We decided to put soil and wildflower seeds in them so their friends could plant them at home.








With the flower pots, friends wrote (and painted) an incredibly sweet note to send home with them!



Dear Kindergarten friends,

We want to make you something special because we love you.  We will miss you and will you come back to please visit us?  I will miss playing with you and we want to be with you in the Art Studio!  You will love it and you’ll be surprised.  We can still wave with a “finger hello” in the hallway!

 We made you this paper and planted flower seeds for you.  You can plant the whole pot!  We think it’s so beautiful and that you will love it.  It has soil and the flower seeds are hiding.  It’s looking so fabulous!

 I’ll miss you all the time and I hope you have a good day at Kindergarten!

 Love,  your Pre-K 3 friends

The rising Kindergarteners decided that they wanted to make something beautiful to go on the window in the Studio, similar to the one that friends made last year.  Friends used Shrinky Dinks to decorate panels that are being strung together to hang in the window.






The best part was watching them shrink in the toaster oven!








And here is a photo from yesterday, which shows half of the panels strung together.  We can’t wait to hang it up in the window!


Dear friends, 

I’ll miss you.  I like to play soccer with you and I like that you like Messi and Barcelona.  I don’t want to go to Kindergarten… I want to stay in Pre-K with you!  I love you and when I was in Pre-K with you!  I was so happy but I gotta move on now!  Have good fun being leaders and tell what Pre-K is all about to the new friends!  

No need to panic, we will still be friends.

Love, the new Kindergarteners

Next week, I will visit each classroom during Morning Meeting so that children can present their gifts to their friends.  Stay tuned for photos of this sharing experience!