“Skin is so you don’t have your skeleton out!”

Last week, friends started working on their self portraits in the Studio!  We began by reading The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler.  This book has rich text and illustrations, so we broke it up into three parts to use throughout our self portrait work.

Image result for the skin i live in book

Next, we began examining our faces in mirrors.  Friends noticed shapes, colors and textures, while also sharing what they knew about skin and why we have it.

“Why do we have skin?”

Kyrie: You need skin so you can play.  And so you can run really fast.

Abbie: It keeps your inside warm.

Africa Grace: Skin is so you don’t have your skeleton out.

Jax: If you take your skin off, you’ll see your bones.

Theo: It helps keep the bones inside the body.

Kaylee: And the blood inside.

Sallie Chappell: When we grow into a baby, we grow skin.

Jair: Skin helps you grow bigger and bigger when you eat your vegetables.

Amie: If you don’t have skin, you’ll die.


Betsegaw: Self portraits are you draw if you’re a boy or a girl.

Abbie: You make your eye color.

Theo: I need to make my Nationals jersey.  And my missing teeth.  And little boogers in my nose.

Aria: Don’t forget to make your eyelids.


Jacob: My legs are lines.  And my feet look like little ovals.  My fingers look like five lines.

Frances: How come I’m always in my skin?

Kaitlyn: I put my unicorn horn.

Nora: I need to add my birth mark.


Adele: It means… um… self means us, so, a picture of us!

Ellie: How do I make Ellie?

Eva:  I added a freckle to my foot.  And a bandaid.

Jayden: That’s me.  That’s myself!

Hope: I have skin on my face.  And my cheeks.


Below are self portraits in process!  Next week, friends will mix colors with liquid watercolors as they start adding additional details to their portraits.

“Ah! A giant sage leaf!”

As we prepare for the Market at our Showcase (May 7 from 11:30-1:30), the Studio has been busy making products with herbs.  The Thursday and Friday art groups have just finished their herb stamps that we will begin printing for greeting cards next week!  We began by talking about different herbs and studying them with magnifying glasses.  Friends loved sharing what they knew about herbs, as they have been studying herbs in expert groups in their classrooms for the past few weeks!




Matteo: Basil is sweet like candy!

Ezekiel: I love you, basil.

Ebbisa: Did you give these herbs some sunshine?  Herbs love sunshine.

Gabriela: It’s lavender with the flower.

AJ: Sage is a nice plant and it saved me for real.  I ate a little piece and it made me feel better after I ate a licorice plant.

Kofi: I see a bug in the basil because it’s his home.

After we used our senses, and small magnifying glasses to observe the herbs, I introduced friends to a magnifying screen!  Children loved making faces behind the screen and were able to get a closer look at the herbs on the table.






Paris: It makes your face look gigantic!

Minna: It looks like Samantha is in the movie behind the magnifying scream.  I mean screen.

Next, friends sketched the herbs on sheets of styrofoam in preparation to stamp on cards next week!





Jude: It’s kind of easy to push into the styrofoam… it feels good and looks cool when you make the little dots.  It’s like little bumps.

Jasper: I need the magnifying screen to see the herbs really well.

Haley: I’m putting dots on mine.  I see the dots in the magnifying glass.





Minna: It looks bumps so it’s sage.  It’s sage!

Samantha: Ah!  A giant sage leaf!

Betsabe: Mine is cute.  Them cute.  I’m making little flowers.