“Why is a pipe cleaner called that?”


After a long weekend and two snow days, it was exciting to get back into the Studio! We were going to begin new art groups this week, but with so few days, we decided to hold off and work on some collaborative group paintings.

During the third group of the day, friends came into the Studio, which was set up with liquid watercolors, three-dimensional “honeycomb” paper and watercolor pens. While eating snack, Cole looked around and asked… “Why is a pipe cleaner called that?” The question took me by surprise, and friends in the group began offering their thoughts about Cole’s question. We started looking around the Studio for materials that we could explore with pipe cleaners. Before I knew it, we were clearing off the tables and putting painting materials away to make room for straws and pipe cleaners. It was exciting for me to see their enthusiasm and curiosity grow. This video has been edited to show snippets of our day!