Market Day!

Our Herb Market was a HUGE success yesterday! Thanks to all the families and friends that stopped by to support Pre-K! Here are some photos from our day ūüôā¬†ImageImageImageImageImage¬†¬†ImageImageImageImageImage¬†¬†photo 4 copy 2¬†10345818_10201982731585219_7670417270328886963_n

 Today in the Studio, we had clay and pipe cleaners at the big table and liquid watercolors with pens at the small table.  Friends were busy creating all sorts of sculptures with the open ended materials and it was fun to relax after our Showcase! DSCN5296 DSCN5302 DSCN5310 DSCN5297

Jude:¬†I’ll make all the ships. ¬†Oh dear, this is hard. ¬†It’s a jet.

Matteo: Mine is a Star Wars sun. 

Braeden:¬†I’ll make Barcelona bracelets. ¬†I can make one for all my buddies if they want a Barcelona bracelet.¬†

Abdoul:¬†I’m making boats for everyone.¬†

Braeden:¬†Give one to your sister, Ezekiel. ¬†It’s big enough for you. ¬†I’ll make one for Ms.Cushner because it’s like my job to make them.¬†

Jude: Can you make me a Madrid bracelet?

¬†Matteo:¬†And I’ll make everyone a Barcelona spider. ¬†I think all spiders in Barcelona are red and blue.¬†DSCN5312¬†DSCN5316¬†DSCN5319¬†

Ebbisa:¬†I’m painting the whole class. ¬†I just made Alexia. ¬†Haley, there’s you. ¬†Now Jasper and you, Ms.Cushner. ¬†And then me! ¬†My favorite art group. ¬†But I’ll put Ms.Richardson and Ms.Brown, too.¬†

Alexia:¬†It’s a 6 legged spider. ¬†It has 11 eyes. ¬†Oh, one is a mouth and this is it’s tail.¬†DSCN5321¬†DSCN5325¬†DSCN5328¬†DSCN5332¬†DSCN5324¬†

Gabby:¬†Neche, I’m a real artist. ¬†It’s abstract.¬†

Mouhammadou: A cactus.  A painting of a cactus. 

Elias:¬†It’s a house. ¬†The roller coaster is there but when it goes underwater it’s a fish town.

DSCN5336 DSCN5337 DSCN5339 DSCN5341 DSCN5343 

Samantha:¬†I made a lightening bolt. ¬†I’m a genius!¬†

AJ:¬†That’s not how evolution works. ¬†First, you start as something like a jellyfish and then you grow into a shark and then a monkey and then a person that can walk good. That’s what evolution is.

“I need years to do this big painting!”

Today, the Tuesday art groups continued to work on their large resist paintings! ¬†Friends were so excited to paint standing up and were thrilled with the new liquid watercolors available today for their resist paintings. ¬†Children enjoyed making drips with the liquid watercolors and discovered that when different colored drips intersected, new colors were created! ¬†Below are some photos from today, as well as children’s words… enjoy!


Braeden: The drip looks like a river… or a tunnel. ¬†It’s an orange tunnel to the Star Wars city, wheeee!


Phoenix: I’m gonna make a drip spot, a green drip. ¬†It’s part of the roller coaster… the down part. ¬†Hey, it dripped on my hands, too!


 Haley: The tape is a shield.  It means the paint wont go through.

Jasper:¬†This painting is outer space caught on fire and now the whole world is on fire. ¬†The orange grass is eating everything. ¬†When the sun turns red, it means it’s really, really hot.


¬†Mouhammadou:¬†This is my beautiful house… here’s my doggy, Nemo. ¬†He lost his collar. ¬†I need an “M” for my name. ¬†Here’s two bugs… a family of bugs. ¬†See my pets? ¬†An elephant, see I need a house for it. ¬†Nemo needs a house, too. ¬†The bugs are my other pets. ¬†And there’s my family, right there!


Minna:¬†It’s dripping! ¬†The new colors can drip! ¬†Lots of drips right here. ¬†What happens when you put the wetness on the dryness? ¬†I’m being a scientist, this is my experiment. ¬†What’s gonna happen? ¬†Huh? ¬†Oh, you can still see it! ¬†Ms.Cushner, this is the shark. ¬†And those are the two mouths. ¬†That’s his eyeball, it’s big… and there’s the big wave! ¬†It’s dark blue. ¬†The red on the bottom is blood. ¬†The daddy shark was fighting the biting fish all the way at the bottom, but he’s okay now.