“Why is the back hot but the front cold?”

As many of you know, CCPCS was without air conditioning for a couple of weeks.  The Studio gets direct sunlight for the majority of the day, which is typically great, but made the room incredibly hot.  I brought in a fan as a way to cool down the classroom a bit, and children ended up having so many great questions about it…

How does it move by itself?

Why is the back hot but the front cold?

Are pinwheels sharp when they go fast?

What do the buttons do?

Can it dry my project?


Friends became so interested in the fan, that it became a center in the Studio that friends could explore when they were finished with their work.  There were many materials that were available to use at the fan (pinwheels, windsock, streamers, flags, etc.) and some friends even made their own to projects to put to the test.  Children wondered, noticed and continued to question the fan week after week.




Sarah: It’s gonna blow me away!

Maceo: I’m a creation guy.  I’m drying my creation by the fan.  It dries it so fast.

Sasha: Ooooh, it makes me feel so cold!  Yay!

Abigail: Look at your dress… it’s blowing.  It’s so cold, it’s cooling off my arms.



Alberto: That part looks like a 3 rotary helicopter.

Rayyan: It looks like fireworks spinning from the wind!  Mine is super fast.

Jariel: Big pinwheels spin faster than little pinwheels.

Andres: It going round and round.  It out of control.

Selwyn: I’m getting dizzy!  The wheel spins and makes me dizzy.



Asiah: I like that fan.  It’s drying off my painting faster than the drying rack.  Then I can take it home today!

Phoenix: It’s spinning so fast I can’t even see it.

“I knew it would be good… I told you!”

6 days until our Spider Showcase! The first half of this video is from week one when children were working on spider web Gelli prints.  The second half of the video is of friends stamping their hand carved spider stamps from Styrofoam!  Make sure to stop by the Studio next Wednesday to see all of their work around spiders!

“I wish I was a spider so I could eat a cricket!”

Pre-K kicked off our Expedition on Spiders a couple weeks ago, and we now have four types of spiders in the Pre-K program!  Children have been fascinated with observing and illustrating the spiders, and I’m still finding myself surprised that many of them think they are “cute” and not somewhat “scary.”

When we were picking out spiders, I wanted to look for a spider that had very distinct marks on it’s body for children to observe and illustrate.  Mr.White suggested the Mexican Red Knee tarantula because of his orange and black stripes.





Jose: He’s orange and black.  He happy.

Adrian: I notice he have stripes.

Christian: He’s orange and black and has long legs.  He’s cute.

Sylvie: I can see his heart.  When you draw, you discover more about him.

Kofi: He’s lazy, he’s not moving.

Asiah: He looks so pretty.  The legs are big and I see his face… hello!

Laniyah: Welcome to DC, spider!





Friends had many questions about our new friend.

Vivian: Does the spider go to school?  Does the spider have teachers in the cage?

Alberto: Is he from Mexico?

Andres: He looks cozy.  Can we let him out to play ball with us?

We realized that our spider needed a name!  Every friend gave a suggestion, and children voted in their classes.  There were so many fabulous suggestions… it was very hard to choose!  The front runners were Lazy, Wiggles, Sally and Mister Skinny Legs and after a vote… Mister Skinny Legs was the clear winner!





Christian: He’s really scary.  He’s gonna eat my brain, but not teachers brains.  I think I hear him talking to us.

Claire: I wish I was a spider so I could eat a cricket.  I wonder if he wants to eat us because our class is called the crickets?

Amberly: Come out spider, we’re all friends at Capital City!

Kofi: Mister Skinny Legs is a Mister, so that means he’s married to another spider.  I know, he’s married to Ms.Bergie and now he’s hiding because he doesn’t want her to kiss him… ew!

Mouhammadou: Spiders don’t get married because they don’t have the right clothes.  The daddy spider don’t have a suit and the mommy spider don’t have a dress.

Andres: When I grow up, I want to be a spider!  They so cute.

William: He has big eyes to see his prey.

Zavier: The spider is too big it might scare ladies.

Rayyan: You look awesome, Mister Skinny Legs!





Mae: I think the spider would like it if I played music for him!