“I’m looking good!”

It’s one of my favorite times of year in the Pre-K Studio… self portrait week!  Friends in Pre-K work on a self portrait for their portfolio at the beginning and the end of each school year.  It’s great to see how much their observations and skills change over the course of the year, and for children that are in Pre-K for two years, over the span of those years.  We begin by reading The Colors of Us by Karen Katz and talk a little about different shades of skin, eyes, hair, etc.


Mae: Why did the mom say she would eat her up?  Because she was like cinnamon?  She didn’t really eat her at the end of the book.

Ronan: I see the same people on the cover on that page in the book.  It’s part of the picture from that page.

Next, I showed some different techniques for selecting colors that most closely matched the colors that were unique to each of them.  Children selected colors that they thought would work, and held them up next to their hands, hair, etc. to see which color would be the best.




Daniel: Eyelashes go around the eyes.

Sasha: If you have glasses, you can draw them in your self portrait.

Abdoulaye: Eyelashes keep bugs out of your eyes.

Chrishelle: Draw boogers in your nose if you see them in the mirror.

Amaya: My nose is like a triangle with two holes on it.




Claire: I have two heads… one in the mirror and this one on my body.

Allison: My hair like coffee brown.

Ronan: In the mirror, I see my dog shirt.




Miles H.: You look at yourself in the mirror and then you draw yourself.  In the mirror, I see little red veins in my eyes.

Elle: I look beautiful!

Yonathan: I’m looking good!

Here are some of the finished self portraits from our week!





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