“Two secrets! This book is full of secrets!”

As our exploration of photography is coming to an end, we concluded by creating photo albums!  Last week, children cut their photos and began arranging them in the pages of paper bag books.  We had found some different types of handmade books the previous week and decided that paper bag books would be fun because the pockets were like “secret hiding spots.”  Once they were finished cutting, some friends traded their photos with their peers, while others added their own illustrations to their photographs.


Jude: There’s a secret hiding spot in my book.  Don’t tell anyone… only our art group can see it.



Jasper: It’s a story of how we took pictures of flashes.  It can tell a story about what are our favorite photos.

Alexia: I’m making a story.  It’s a story that shows friends are nice.  It’s like a memory book.

Chris: I took a picture of me… I’m a famous star!

Elias: I’m making it a book inside of a book.



Chris: This book is gonna make me so famous.

Vandell: Look Minna… I took a picture of you and your mommy.  You both look so nice.



Jasper: I’m going to hide this one so that people don’t know there’s a rainbow in here.  I want to make sure no one sees Sarah taking a picture.  It’s going in a secret place.  And I don’t want anyone to see this picture of me with no eyes.  I’ll put it in a spooky, scary spot.

Elias: Two secrets!  This book is full of secrets!

Owen: Almost every one of my photos will go in a compartment.  It’s like a pocket.

Minna: Don’t tell people if you stuff your pictures in pockets.  Then they will know.

Jasper: My mom and dad don’t know about a light table, so where should I put it so they can learn?  Next week can we add junk to our books?  I want my mom to laugh, so I’m going to put this one on the back.

Today, friends added collage elements and “junk” to their books.  Some children chose to frame individual photos, while others created intricate ways to tie their books so they would stay shut.


Georgi: I look beautiful in this picture.



Jasper: I have an idea… my plan is to wrap this ribbon around one way and a piece of string the other way and it will close.  I think my plan will work.



Elias: I’m in a pickle.  How can I stick these?

AJ: My dad’s gonna love it.  He loves everything I make.



Vandell: Even though I messed up some parts and some parts are ugly, she will like it.  My mom will still like it.

Owen: I’m making my book look like an alien!

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