“I love what I did, I love what I did!”

Happy Monday from the Pre-K Art Studio!  It feels like we keep missing Monday art groups because of snow and it was great to be back today to catch up with the Orange groups.  

We learned a new monoprinting technique today and it was a big hit!  We began by painting a thin layer of tempera paint on sheets of aluminum foil.  While the paint was still wet, children used q-tips to scrape away parts of the paint.  Some friends made images of their families and pets, while others practiced writing their name, or just making abstract designs.  Next, children laid paper on top of the wet paint, rolled it flat with a brayer (the most popular tool in the Studio) and peeled it off to reveal their image.



Daniel: I’m pretending that I’m making chocolate milk.  I’m mixing all the colors to make brown.

Phoenix: I don’t know what will happen!






Emely: Do you love mine? It’s my family and a sun and a baby sun.

Miles H.: Go for it, Danny! I can’t wait to see what it looks like.


Jaslene: When you roll it, all the paint will be on the paper.

Logan: Look, it’s sticking.  The paint is sticking to the paper!




Albert: It stuck to the paper.

Daniel: I love what I did, I love what I did!

Asiah: The kitty sticked on the paper.

Noah: I didn’t know that would happen!

Ebbisa: Wow, that is so exciting!

Kofi: We need an audience for this.


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