Prepping for GrandFriends Day!

Next Wednesday is GrandDay, which is a Capital City tradition where children invite their grandparents and grandfriends into the school to spend the day together.  Grandfriends will join us for WASM, Service and the rest of our Wednesday activities.

To help welcome Grandfriends into our school, Pre-K children are working on a BIG banner to hang in the Commons.  Children in the Friday art groups began with the background.  Friends used squirt bottles filled with paint and cardboard instead of paintbrushes to spread paint over the paper.  Oh, and we sprinkled just a little bit of glitter… it is a special day after all!



Sasha: I love it, I’m mixing it.  I’m going to bring mine to Morgin’s… they will mix.

Moses: I see squares… little squares in the glitter.

Roman: Cardboard as a paintbrush?  That’s silly Ms.Cushner!

Marley:  It’s a lot of noisy.  We need to cover all the paper.




Marley: I did it! Cool!  It’s going to turn to colors.

Jose: It a rainbow.

Morgin: Everyone will love this because we made it.  And we love it.

Roman: It looks like jello.  I’m painting with my hands because I need to.  I’m trying to make my picture.


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