“I can’t do this… how can I pick a favorite picture when I love them all?”

As promised, I have a follow up to yesterdays videos of children light painting!  This was a fun experiment that we are still trouble shooting because it’s not possible for the Studio to get as dark as it really needs to be.  We tried long exposures, as well as incorporating the flash, which ultimately had better results.  However, before we began this process, children spent some time looking at their photographs that they’ve taken up until this point.  Friends had pages and pages and PAGES of photographs and they really enjoyed looking back and sharing their favorites with their friends.





Demetrius: Hey, I see you right there… see?  Phoenix, I see you right there!

Maceo: Wow… I see our pictures!  I took a picture of you Chris.  Look… see?

Chris: What is this a picture of?  I don’t know!

After flipping through our pages of photos, we selected photo’s based on different categories. Some of the categories were:

* Which photo makes you the happiest?

* Which photo is the most mysterious?

* Which photo is the silliest?

* Which is your favorite photo of a person?

* Which is your favorite photo that you’ve taken?



Wallace: This one is mysterious because I don’t know what you’re talking about in the picture.

Jude: I can’t do this… how can I pick a favorite when I love them all?

Minna: The one of my mom makes me the happiest.

Wallace: My tummy is sticking out… that’s the funniest one!

Owen: My favorite person here is Ms.Lauchlan… that’s my favorite picture with a person!

Next, we looked at some mysterious images of light paintings and friends made predictions about what they were and how they were made.


Jude: It’s dark.

Phoenix: The photo looks scratchy… it’s blurry!

Demetrius: Letters… orange letters.

Gabby: It’s a person made out of lines.

Elias: Are they shadows?

Jasper: They shined a flashlight and took a picture at the same time.

Owen: Are they glow sticks?

Michael: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z… but not “now I know my ABC’s”… it doesn’t say that.

After looking at some examples of light painting, we began experimenting with making our own in the Studio!  Friends took turns being the photographer, while the rest modeled and danced with flashlights.  Children enjoyed using the big DSLR camera on the tripod and really liked directing friends while they were using the flashlights (see videos from yesterday for them in action!)





Gabby: I have an idea… you, Chris, go behind Elias.  Put the flashlight by your mouth.  Nayahris, stand next to Chris.  Maceo, you stand in front of Elias.  Ok… great… 1, 2, 3!

Here are some of our light paintings from the day…








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