Kicking off our herb case study with… a tea party!

Today was a very exciting day in Pre-K as we kicked off our case study of herbs with… a tea party!  Families donated decaffeinated peppermint tea and let us borrow an assortment of tea pots for the special event.  Friends were served tea by the fairies (staff and parents) that were wearing wings, and enjoyed a special snack of fancy tea cookies and berries.




Neche: Are those the tea cups we made with you?

Leah: It tastes like mint and fairies.

Jose: I no like.

Mouhammadou: My mommy and daddy have tea.  I love this tea party… the tea and the snacks.

There was a lot of excitement after the tea party, which was perfect because two of today’s art groups was working on creating items for their own tea party!  Last week, children made tea cups and tea snacks out of Model Magic.  This week, friends were excited to discover that the Model Magic dried and that they could now paint their tea cups.





Alberto: It’s sparkly inside, like magic.  I’m doing a really good job… we all are!

Samantha: It’s hard… last week it wasn’t hard.

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