“The camera looks like yours!”

Yesterday was an incredibly exciting day in the Studio as we began learning about photography!  As some of you may know, I was an education and photography major in college.  I have always wondered how/when/if I could incorporate my love of photography into the Studio and finally decided to give it a try!  I had a feeling they would enjoy it… but I wasn’t necessarily expecting them to love it as much as they did!

We began by looking at old negatives on the light tables.  I went through my archived work and found all different sized (35mm, medium format and 4×5) negatives and brought them in.  I selected a wide array of photographs… portraits, still lives, landscapes, etc.  Children loved looking at the negatives and several groups decided to act out stories based on the way they were arranged on the light table.


Wallace: I see a man with no face… they’re pictures!

Georgi: I see cupcakes.  We can make it into a story… it tells different parts.

Phoenix: This looks like a library.

Georgi: The elements of harmony… it’s like loyalty, kindness and My Little Pony.


Jasper: We made the pictures in a row.  I see they are pictures because they look like a camera took them.  I see a person, a kitchen and another person.  I found two gates.


Minna: This is awesome.

Darian: Are they food?  You can’t see them when they are on the ground but you can see it on the light table.

Minna: I put it back on… it’s something… it’s a monkey?  Oh no, it’s a person!

Next, friends gathered around the table as I passed out digital cameras that we were borrowing from the library!  Children were beyond thrilled that they were going to get to take photos with “adult cameras.”  We came up with some group rules about using the cameras safely and appropriately.  Next, we had a quick demo lesson about turning the cameras on and off, taking a photo and seeing the photos you’ve already taken.  Once children felt comfortable, they began taking photos of themselves, each other and objects in the Studio and hallway.  Yesterday I posted some of the children’s photography… here are some moments that I captured while they were exploring!







4 thoughts on ““The camera looks like yours!”

  1. I love the photography posts. Jasper is very excited! Yesterday he announced that he wanted to be an artist when he grew up and at bedtime he said he was grateful for art class.

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