“The hot glue dried so it’s cold glue again.”

Tuesday groups are in the final phase of their paper mache masks/hats!  Friends were excited to finish these up, especially because it involved lots of fun collage materials, Beautiful Junk, glitter and… the introduction of a hot glue gun (which requires adult supervision!)  Here are some photos from today’s fun!

Jasper: You need adult supervision with the hot glue.  You plug it in the wall and it gets hot and makes heavy things stick.

Owen: Hot glue is very dangerous, you have to be careful.  The hot glue dried so it’s cold glue again.

Noah: Let’s blow on the hot glue so it gets cold.



This morning, we found a new (and very exciting) material in the Beautiful Junk containers.  This deco flex tubing transformed throughout the day from water slides for googly eyes, to shiny slimy worms.  Thanks Jenn Lauchlan for sharing these with us… I’ve already placed an order for more of this fun material!


Chris: Sprinkles are so sprinkly.


Jasmine: An alien with lots of antennas.


AJ: Mine has a visor.  It keeps things in outer space from getting in your eyes.

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