“A field of feathers and a sea of chocolate milk!”

Today, Thursday art groups began learning about printmaking!  This week, we focused on mono-printing with plexiglass, tempera paint and brayers.  Children loved smoothing out the paint with the brayer and transferring the image to paper.  Friends worked together on larger mono-prints and enjoyed sharing what they saw with their peers.

We began by exploring some new materials (plexiglass and brayera) and friends made predictions about what they thought they were and could be used for.

Edwin: Brayer looks like goalie post.

Sarah: Like glass.

Abdoulaye: A rectangle.

Emmanuel: I think it’s plastic.

Paris: A mirror.


 Georgi: The plexiglass resists the paint… it wont go through.

Wallace: Maybe we can work together to mix the colors.

Ezekiel: Georgi, can I help you, too?

Georgi: Yes, I’m doing the house.

Ezekiel: Can I make the water and a boat?

Wallace: Yes, let’s do it together!

Ezekiel: Can we make rainbow water?

Edwin: I can’t wait to see it guys!

Wallace: Hey, when you’re done, can you put the paper down and scrub with two rollers?

Georgi: Sure!

Wallace: Wow, I love yours so much.

Ezekiel: How about mine?

Wallace: I love them all, we did them together!


 Michael: Is it a light table screen?  Wait, I can see myself, it’s a reflection.  The paint came off on the paper from the scream.  I mean screen.  It’s so cool and amazing… it looks like a tiger!  I’m going to write N and Y to say New York because that’s how you spell it.


 Cole: All the paints on the paper.  It looks different on the paper.  It changes, see… since you rolled so much!  Look what happened!  This is a field of feathers and a sea of chocolate milk.  Do you know what this one will be?  Let me take a little peak.


 Alberto: It looks like a mirror.  And the roller looks like a steamroller.  It’s rolling on the paint!

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