“It’s real! My drawing’s there!”


It’s been a very busy week in the Pre-K Art Studio as we wrap up work before Winter Break. Today, friends inked their Styrofoam stamps and printed them in an edition. Children were so excited to see their drawings transfer to paper and loved mixing different colors of ink with the brayer.




Michael: I know the drawing will be on the paper. I know I’ll be right!

Leah: Mine looks so handsome.

Cole: It’s real! My drawing’s there!

Abdoulaye: It matches.

Friends noticed that the brayer rolling through ink made different sounds, depending on how fast or slow you rolled it.

Ezekiel: It looks like hair. It sounds like scratching your hair.

Wallace: Sounds like hair is static.

Alberto: It makes a noise like rice. Like dry rice.

Barcelona vs. DC United


Today, after children finished working on their Styrofoam prints, Edwin and Ezekiel began sculpting a soccer game with play-dough. Here is part of the conversation that led up to the video.

Ezekiel: I’m on the DC United team.
Edwin: You want to, I make you a goalie.
Ezekiel: I’m making the soccer field. We need to make a big goalie, right?
Edwin: Yep. Why you making lots of balls?
Ezekiel: I need to.
Edwin: Cause I look at a soccer game and there was a lot of balls. Let’s make a lot of balls together, right?
Ezekiel: We need 2 goalies, right?
Edwin: We need a lot of balls, right? We saw it on the field. That’s a crazy ball!
Ezekiel: It’s so crazy.
Edwin: I’m Barcelona.
Ezekiel: I’m on DC United. My dad likes them.
Edwin: My daddy likes Barcelona and I like Barcelona. You like DC United?
Ezekiel: Yep, like my dad.
Edwin: Let’s make one hundred thousand five balls at the game.

“The bugs are everywhere!” (A sparkly discovery during Service)


Every Wednesday at CCPCS, the whole school spends part of the morning doing Service jobs throughout the building. My Service job (The Glitter Grabbers) typically consists of cleaning paint off smocks, tables, chairs, and the wall, as well as sorting work from the week to send home in Thursday Folders. Today, I had some very thorough Glitter Grabbers that chose to stay longer to make sure the Studio was looking as clean as it possibly could! While cleaning smocks, Samantha noticed that the light was reflecting off of her sweatshirt and casting reflections all over the room, including on myself and Alexia. This discovery really made my day!

“A field of feathers and a sea of chocolate milk!”

Today, Thursday art groups began learning about printmaking!  This week, we focused on mono-printing with plexiglass, tempera paint and brayers.  Children loved smoothing out the paint with the brayer and transferring the image to paper.  Friends worked together on larger mono-prints and enjoyed sharing what they saw with their peers.

We began by exploring some new materials (plexiglass and brayera) and friends made predictions about what they thought they were and could be used for.

Edwin: Brayer looks like goalie post.

Sarah: Like glass.

Abdoulaye: A rectangle.

Emmanuel: I think it’s plastic.

Paris: A mirror.


 Georgi: The plexiglass resists the paint… it wont go through.

Wallace: Maybe we can work together to mix the colors.

Ezekiel: Georgi, can I help you, too?

Georgi: Yes, I’m doing the house.

Ezekiel: Can I make the water and a boat?

Wallace: Yes, let’s do it together!

Ezekiel: Can we make rainbow water?

Edwin: I can’t wait to see it guys!

Wallace: Hey, when you’re done, can you put the paper down and scrub with two rollers?

Georgi: Sure!

Wallace: Wow, I love yours so much.

Ezekiel: How about mine?

Wallace: I love them all, we did them together!


 Michael: Is it a light table screen?  Wait, I can see myself, it’s a reflection.  The paint came off on the paper from the scream.  I mean screen.  It’s so cool and amazing… it looks like a tiger!  I’m going to write N and Y to say New York because that’s how you spell it.


 Cole: All the paints on the paper.  It looks different on the paper.  It changes, see… since you rolled so much!  Look what happened!  This is a field of feathers and a sea of chocolate milk.  Do you know what this one will be?  Let me take a little peak.


 Alberto: It looks like a mirror.  And the roller looks like a steamroller.  It’s rolling on the paint!

“This is the messiest project ever!”

The Tuesday art groups began working with paper mache today!  Many children that were Pre-K 3’s last year have been asking when we would be working with paper mache and were so excited to teach new friends about the messy technique.  This is one of my favorite techniques to teach because there are endless possibilities of what you can create using paper mache.  Children always surprise me with the creative things that they build and I can’t wait to see how these turn out.Image

Setting up for today… balloons are everywhere!


 Kofi: I got newspaper with the United States on it.


 Betsabe: Sticky like bubble gum!


Gabby: The boy on this newspaper looks famous.  I stuck the famous boy to my balloon!


AJ: Finally… paper mache!  Can I make a mask?  Or a hat?  Or just anything else that I want?

“It looks like knitting!”


Yahoo! I finally figured out how to upload videos to the blog! This is a short video of Demetrius finishing up his portion of the group weaving on the classroom loom. Since the loom has been introduced, Demetrius has used it every day after he’s finished with his other work and has loved sharing his new skills with his friends. Enjoy!