Artwork of the Week!



Phoenix: This is a party airplane.  It has decorations.  This party is for myself.  I need another one for decorations so it looks like a real party.

Jude: Mine is a party helicopter!

Phoenix: Oooh, Jude… I love that party helicopter.

Jude: It’s a party helicopter for you, Phoenix.  There’s a pool party at my party helicopter.  You like swimming, don’t you?

Phoenix: Yeah! My party airplane has a movie party.  Boys and girls and kids can come to the party.  This square is for the movie theater.

Jude: Wow, that’s cool!

Phoenix: If the whole school came to my party, everyone would be so happy.  Happy like if the school had a big smile on it!

This year, I decided to use my newsletter board for an Artwork of the Week display that will change every Wednesday!  Here is last weeks collaborative collage between Jude and Phoenix.  New art work will be up by the end of the day!

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